Puget Sound Whales for Sale

captured whale in from Seattle TimesPuget Sound Whales For Sale: The Fight To End Orca Hunting is a heartwrenching documentary by Sandra Pollard describing the history of orca capture in Puget Sound. The book exposes horrible practices that for the time, were not frowned upon. Whales were more of a nuisance, salmon stealers, the Navy in the 60's used them as target practice. Only the Native Americans understood their value and revered them.

The last whale captured from Penn Cove was Lolita, the current subject of a massive campaign because of her undersized tank in the Miami Seaquarium that she has occupied for 44 years.

Although disturbing, the information from Pollard's book gives a fascinating description of the origins of whale captivitiy and the morbid "King Kong"-like fascination it provides to the public.

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