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You can decide the future of whales in captivity!

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The fate of the Vancouver Aquarium hangs in the balance as they await the decision by the Park Board as to the future of their whale and dolphin program. Although leading researchers in the field of cetacean study and animal rescue, the good they have done is overshadowed by their current whale captive program.

The Park Board has the responsibility of reviewing their cetacean program and providing recommendations for its future operation. Now is the time we can influence the future of whales in captivity. This decision could impact all the aquariums on the west coast and set the standard for other facilities throughout the world.

These parties need to come together to find a solution that allows the Aquarium research and rescue efforts to continue without compromising the quality and life for captive whales and dolphins. For the animals that are unable to be released, channel some of that new funding into a sea pen where they can live out their lives in the ocean, but protected.

Park Board Meeting - July 26, 2014 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Support this meeting by attending or signing up to give a brief speech. Note: The sign-up deadline for the Saturday, July 26 Special Meeting is 12:00 noon on Friday, July 25.

Sign up to speak at the next Park Board Meeting here

There are about 65 people already signed up, but the first speaker is Washington State vet Dr. Joseph K. Gaydos who wrote a review of the Vancouver Aquarium’s captive cetacean program and a comparison of these operations to other comparable aquariums.

Then we will hear from the Vancouver Aquarium staff reporting on their cetacean research, conservation and educational programs.

Only after these two presentations have concluded will speakers be allowed to address the Park board members. The meeting will start at 9AM and will end at 5pm, only to be continued on Monday (time TBA).

Report by Dr. Gaydos regarding other whale jails throughout the worlld

Now is your chance to actually make a change that will impact the future of whales in captivity!

  • Sign up to speak at the meeting on July 26
  • Attend the meeting
  • Add your message of support below

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I have had a hatred of animals in captivity since I was a small child. I'm now 78 and if anything this hatred is even more pronounced. When will we learn that animals were not put on this earth to "amuse us"? It's bad enough what we're doing to our magnificent planet with over-population; pollution beyond belief, destruction of natural resources, and I could go on for another hour on that subject, but the immediate subject here is whales - and dolphins. All are highly intelligent animals that suffer intensely. There has been excellent documentation to this end. We're kings of our world .......... but we've never learned the responsibility of kings. I live near the Antibes, France, Marineland and every time I pass I suffer for the animals that are even suffering far more.
This message was contributed by ken.burden on Oct 22nd, 2014.