Vancouver Aquarium Studies Whales in "Their" Own Backyard

beluga-baby_275Vancouver Aquarium demonstrates that whales can be studied out of captivity with their new research program north of the Arctic Circle. Specifically Summerset Island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, and a common birthing ground for Belugas.

Although resident biologist, Valeria Vergara maintains that their captive program is vital to continued understanding of Belugas, this study will look at external factors and the impact of freighter traffic and noice pollution on whale behaviour. Tourism and oil exploration is on the rise due to increased Arctic ice melting, as a result of global warming.

Currently the future of the Vancouver Aquarium is at risk due to their position that supports keeping whales captive for study and their beluga breeding program that includes loaning whales to SeaWorld.

Maybe this Arctic adventure will help increase your credibility as a scientific institute, but the breeding program - shame on you Vancouver Aquarium!

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