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Keeping whales in capapitivity is wrong. Period. FREE THE WHALES!!!
This message was contributed by Just some person who wants to save the whales on Feb 20th, 2015.

Its wrong. Period.
Support provided by Just some person who wants to see whales free on Feb 20th, 2015.

I want to keep whales wild because for our "entertainment" we are harming more than helping. KEEP WHALES WILD!!
This one comes from skylar on Feb 6th, 2015.

FREE THE WHALES!!! And dolphins!! These people who are hunting and capturing these creatures have got no regards for there feelings they just think they are stupid animals they wouldn't take a child away why are these creatures different they should have more respect for them because they are so clever. I feel so sorry for them locked up in bath tubs all day they should be free to roam the seas with their loved ones i will try to spread the message and i will try to save them if i can please help the whales people !!!!!
Posted by Sophie on Jan 2nd, 2015.

I love whales xx
This one comes from sharon on Dec 15th, 2014.

we are the ones killing them by keeping them in captivity
This one comes from elizabeth self on Dec 11th, 2014.

tbh i love orcas they are the most amazing and unique creatures i have ever seen in my life, i mean the whole reason they attack their trainers is because they are taken away from their families and they might think you deserve the same but in a much dangerous way. At least thats my side of the story if you have seen the movie i love it and its very emotional. I wish that all orcas were set free to live wild like they are supposed to.
Support provided by Savannah Brownen on Dec 10th, 2014.

watching blackfish changed my life, never have had this much passion about captivity. When u look at the facts, orcas and dolphins should not be kept in tiny tanks, its cruel. I will crusade for this cause til the day I die
This message was contributed by malinda on Nov 20th, 2014.

Boycott all cetacean circuses and swim with programs. Support Bill #AB40. The only animals that should be in captivity are those that cannot possibly be reintegrated back into the wild, and these animals should never be used as entertainment. If we can stop the demand, we can reduce wild dolphin and orca captures that are continuing to happen to fill the tanks of these establishments. If you live in an area where businesses still cling to these outdated cetacean shows, organize demonstrations and invite friends, family and like minded individuals. Study everything you can find about the negative effects of captivity on cetaceans so you have plenty of ammunition when confronted by those who still support these antiquated shows. Support the groups who stand for the animals, and NEVER give up!
Support provided by Alyson Walsh-Fernandez on Oct 17th, 2014.

Watching “Blackfish” was heart rending for me not just for the reasons it affects so many but because I used to know some of the orcas in “Blackfish” and considered them to be friends. The central act of “Blackfish” – orcas mouthing trainers and pulling them to their deaths in the water or at least seriously injuring them – was once a friendly offer to their human friends to come swim. If you let an orca bite down on your hand or arm, he or she would gently pull you towards the water but always let go if you declined the offer. Something had seriously damaged these orcas in the intervening years. Through research both before and after “Blackfish” was shown on CNN, I also learned of the tragic, early deaths of the other orcas I had known who did not appear in “Blackfish”.
SeaWorld once let park visitors play with orcas. For years, orcas played with untrained visitors without hurting anyone. The orcas could recognize their friends among hundreds of other visitors and would ask for rubdowns. It was easy to see in a crowd who their friends were. I was an annual pass holding regular and visited them often. I used to enjoy the performances. Once it dawned on me how nearly human in intelligence an orca is, I couldn’t stand the performances. It was hard to see them in captivity, but they were my friends, so I kept returning. I eventually moved away and haven't been to a SeaWorld in over 30 years.
When these orcas were less than a year from having been wild, they were friendly and gentle. They were youngsters ranging from about 2,300 to 3,500 lb. with 1 ¼ long, sharply pointed teeth. If you demonstrated complete trust, as in letting them mouth you without fear, they loved you for that. I feel that the ever growing distrust between trainers and orcas only accelerates the downward spiral in their emotional state.
They would combine a test of trust with affection and their sense of humor. One of their human friends once had Kasatka and Katina each holding onto an arm, dragging him into the water. Katina and Kotar each pinned a human friend, myself included, to the pool wall. Kotar developed the habit of sliding on top of the pool wall and balancing on his pectoral fins. He would then squirt a mouthful of water at the surprised visitors. [He later did this at Shamu Stadium in San Antonio, twice falling out the pool, so they had to flood the stadium to get him back in.] After I was absent for months, Kotar greeted me this way as I bent over the pool wall. He held me wedged under his side until I gave him a big hug. Even though it could get pretty exciting, the orcas were very careful not to harm.
Kotar brought me fish the day we first met. He was the first orca to invite me to swim. He was very special to me. He died when a gate between pools crushed his skull.
Those of us who were once friends to these orcas have been finding one another and writing the stories of our encounters and why no orca should be held in captivity. We are at
This message was contributed by Robert Anderson on Sep 9th, 2014.

As I read the replies and comments on tis sight I am saddened to see Zoos lumped in wiith Sea World and other aquaria of its ilk. This is quite simply an erroneous assumption.
Zoos of today,especially in the U.S., are devoted to and tasked with conservation of endangered species and education of the public about these animals and wildlife in general. There is co-operation between zoos and a whole program devoted to keeping the captive bloodlines pure called the Species Survival Plan (SSP) that plans for the day that might be arrive when they might be required to put animals back in the wild if we can ever stop man from slaughtering and displacing them. This has already happened with such animals as the Oryx whicwas extinct in the wild before a herd was placed back in the wild and it is doing well under protection. And if you think zoos are after profits you are wrong again. Zoos depend heavily on philanthropy the cost of operations and expansions and most can hardly feed their animals, let alone pay their personnel, on the money collected from the priceof admissions.
Sea World and other commercialized aquaria are structured completely on profit and in fact Sea World , which is owned by large corporation, was about to go public with an IPO until all the negative publicity made them doubt the climate for such a public offering.
There are no good reasons for the keeping, breeding and training of Orca or any other Cetaceans (dolphin etc.) except for entertainment and profit. These animals are torn from their families, and they are very family and socially orientated, and then trained, bred and then the offspring are sold and bartered and again torn from what little family they have. This is quite simply slavery an abomination that this nation fought a war with itself to outlaw. These animals are as intelligent as humans and deserve the same freedom and rights.
Again, profit is the only motivation. There can be nothing learned for research from these animals since they become so different from the wild when in captivity, so education and research are non - existant. They are not endangered so conservation cannot bethe excuse for their captivity.
The oganization that accredits zoos and aquaria ,The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) must be innundated with our objection and outrage and made to withdraw and withhold accreditation from Sea World and other commercial aquaria. This wil result in their having great difficulty in hiring qualified people since quality keepers would not want employment with unaccredited organizations on their resume. Start the campaign. Go to
This message was contributed by William Beech on Aug 29th, 2014.

As many others have wrote, I too watched the movie "BLACKFISH" and was brought to tears. I guess i always realized that some animals were treated inhumane by being used in animal testing, zoo's, circus's, etc... but as many others i turned a blind eye and was selfish and pushed those thoughts out of my mind and visited/supported local zoo's for entertainment and something to do with family. After watching that video I am so ashamed and can honestly say I will never support such places. It saddens me that it took me to watch that video to remember and realize what we are seeing not only in entertainment facilities such as sea world, but everywhere day to day. Animals are meant to be free like us and to think nothing gets done about this. If a human was kidnapped and treated inhumanely they get punished by the law as severely as death, but these poor animals don't have a voice and can't stick up for themselves. Organizations try so hard to fight for awareness and free animals, but humans are selfish. They truly only care about themselves and money. These large companies like sea world won't give up these poor creatures even though they know what they are doing is wrong because they don't want to miss out on all the $$$$$$$, and humans are selfish they get bored and need to be entertained so they won't stop visiting such places. I think more videos such as the one I listed above need to be surfaced to the public and put on sites where more people will watch them like netflix, Facebook, etc!!!!
Posted by Lacey C. on Aug 28th, 2014.

Whales, along with other endangered wild species, are WILD for a reason! They are meant to be in the wild (unless they physically cannot sustain life on their own)!
This message was contributed by Samantha E. R. on Aug 5th, 2014.

I just watched the documentary "Blackfish". What it reveals is truly disgusting, and I'm ashamed at myself that I visited the San Diego Sea World (for the Nth time) AFTER the 2010 incident. This is all the more embarrassing because I had been against zoos and other types of wild animal sanctuaries for a number of years; it's clear that that awareness of mine simply didn't extend to the marine context. At any rate, I vow never to attend any other marine park. Thank you for what you're doing for the cause. Count me in.
Support provided by Sunanda K Sanyal on Jul 24th, 2014.

I believe this animal to be H. sapiens, at least,equal in intelligence. I will not belabor the point here. There can be no excuse in keeping and breeding this animal in captivity except for profit. They are not endangered, yet, and nothing can be gained by studying them in captivity since their behavior is completely different in captivity. Therefore the accreditation by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums should be withdrawn and withheld from any organizations holding orca, or for that matter any cetacean, as it violates the AZA principles and Species Survival Plan, The AZA must be pressured to withdraw their accreditation and bombarded with correspondence from the public toward that end. This can be done and the effect on this organization will be profound.
Secondly, California's proposed law AB 2140 by assemblyman Richard Bloom needs to recieve support from every direction. This landmark bill would end performance-based entertainment for all orcas in CA and captive breeding programs, the export/import of genetic materials and the export/import of orcas within the state.It would retire all captive orcas to open sea pens at the exhibitors expense. Many states would follow. It would bring an end to this slavery. I urge your help in this campaign,
William Beech
Posted by William Beech on Jul 14th, 2014.

I am supporting the Orca cause by creating a sculptural installation In Grand Rapids Michigans Art Prize Exhibition. Last year 400,000 people visited the 3 week event. My work will be displayed in the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. I am seeking materials to hand out to anyone who will listen to me or is impacted by my display. If you can send me an address or name of a contact it would be greatly appreciated.
This one comes from Paul Nilsson on Jun 24th, 2014.

The best thing now to stop orcas in captivity would be if a law was put in place to stop breeding orcas in captivity! Unfortunately as lovely as it would be to see Tilikum be freed back into the wild, I personally think the best thing now for him would be to euthanize him, let him rest in peace! Hes been through such a horrible experience of life, he never deserved this! No orca deserves this!! Poor Tilikum is that stressed it would be best to put him out of his misery! I watched Blackfish & it was the most heartfelt, heartbreaking and most emotional documentry that I've ever seen! I don't think I've ever cried sooo much in my life! I absolutely adore these animals! Considering I've never have seen one but its my dream to go out to see these beautiful most amazing creatures in their natural habitat! Too many humans are too selfish! Everything is about making money nowadays, and unfortunately its innocent animals that get dragged into our money making schemes where they spend the rest of their lives miserable!
This one comes from Holly kaye on Jun 23rd, 2014.

I no longer support marine parks or zoos since my mind was opened by the movie Blackfish.
This one comes from Christine Tashjian on Jun 19th, 2014.

keep whales and dolphins wild. free Tilly and the whole lot in captivity into bays or open oceans if they are capable. let history show that we are intelligent and caring creatures as well
This message was contributed by j. baptist on Jun 18th, 2014.

Keep wild life in the WILD where they belong. All these beautiful creatures were not put on this earth for humans to capture for our own greed.

We should be ashamed of the mess we are making of this beautiful world!
This one comes from Ros on Jun 10th, 2014.

Keep Whales out of captivity. Don't buy into the SeaWorld bullshit.
Support provided by Jessica on Jun 7th, 2014.

People just don't realize the sadness and depression that these whales go through. they're being taken away from their pods, and forced to join another group of whales with different dialects. they often fight each other and become aggressive with humans which would never happen in the wild. they're forced to do tricks in order to be fed cold, dead, fish that don't even have the nutrients that they need! it's just not fair.
Posted by Tiffany Soto on Jun 5th, 2014.

What is being done to end captivity? I would like to know more. This is just unbelievable that people still do this knowing it is not what is best for the animal!
This message was contributed by Gwendolyn on May 24th, 2014.

Its heartbreaking to keep any type of animal in captivity!!!!period.
Let hem be free and live in the wild life...watching blackfish movie is just sad to see the very true about seaworld managment that place should shutt an abuse form the what false idea they show to society making us think that whales are happy kept in small pools,tanks,fakefood,and still making whales do stupid tricks just so so they can make money!
This message was contributed by maria on May 21st, 2014.

We The People PETITION to ILLEGALIZE & OUTLAW ALL cetacean captivity!!! ALL whales, dolphins, seals - ALL wildlife that ONLY BELONG in the waters of the ocean! - NOT the waters in a tank.
Remember the petition to deport Justin Bieber? That one hit over 200,000 signatures! WE NEED 100,000 - less than half the amount! Yet, there's only a drop over 900 signs. We HAVE to hit 100,000 by the deadline - the 8th of May, which is SOON. This petition has been up for about a month, I only saw it this week, and I can't believe there aren't more signatures on it. I KNOW there are more than enough people out there who would SIGN it, and give a voice of freedom for those that can not speak. I KNOW there are people out there that care. If they knew about the petition, they'd take a moment (ONLY TWO MINUTES!) of their time to SIGN this petition, and let President Obama & The White House know of the issue, know that there are concerned US citizens out there who are DEEPLY concerned about the well-being of these beautiful, BEAUTIFUL creatures, and to please RETURN THEM TO THE SEA & BAN Any Further capture. This petition needs more publicity! People MUST SIGN this. This may be the only chance we'll have for a while. If we don't hit the 100,000 - the petition will be deleted. Then what? Create another? Over and over. Until when? People who read this website, blogs, articles out there KNOW these animals do not have forever. Please, take a moment to register and sign this petition. Then, if you know of anyone - friends, family members, coworkers, classmates - who YOU KNOW WOULD SIGN as well, please LET THEM KNOW, and then get them to do the same. Signing is not enough. Get others to sign as well. Spread the word. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Myspace, YouTube - ANYWHERE! I did not create this petition, I was going to start one, but I saw there was already one made. Now, I've been promoting this like crazy for the past two days, and while I want to believe it's all been enough, and I've done my part, I can't - because I know it's not. This isn't spam, this isn't a virus or trolling or anything bad. If you don't believe me, go onto the white house petition website 'We The People', search it on Google, go to the site and search under 'Environment' for the petition. Please, just sign this & get everyone you know, post this like crazy on your websites, to sign and spread the word as well. Please hurry. I greatly Thank & appreciate everyone for their time & help in advance.
Support provided by Jas on May 2nd, 2014.

I've made a petition to keep whales out of captivity. Please sign it!
Support provided by Alexandra Bayer on Apr 2nd, 2014.

I just watched blackfish, it opened my eyes. I took my kids to Sea World this summer, now I am so ashamed. It reminds me of the time when selling and enslaving humans for profit was still ok. What is done to these godly creatures is so wrong. I want to help change things. Information is key. The public is so misinformed about places likE Sea World.
Support provided by Sahar Leazer on Mar 7th, 2014.

Tilikum knows how old he is.
All 10 Years they must kill some Person in front of him.
He know he newer can live outside his Jail.
Other Orcas attacks him and will kill him outside, because he learns from us Humans.
Tilikum are only sad for his live, and all other Orcas also in this money machine.

They have a bigger sized brain than we have.
Someone really thinks that they never feel something, or something bigger than we can feel ?
Like a Dog ?
The babys are ripped of them, and they really think all is ok after 30 Years ?

Why we not choose to save Animals that have a same Brain, feeling or Social together as we have, for serval 10´s years and make a law to save them ??
If you have a cat, that are live 10-20 years, but mostly alone it´s different to Animals that live for 50-90 Years in Groups, and helps together to get Food, to make a happy Group feeling and Grow up together. This whales understands what they speak, they nearly feel how you feel when the Baby get´s stolen.
If someone tells me, "you don´t know that", yes shure, but i also not know how you feel at the moment.
But, I CAN SEE IT !!

Why not also the Orcas ????? oh... the cannot Speak for it´s own, YES SHURE !

from Germany

Posted by Christian on Feb 22nd, 2014.

Not just sea world other places to are capturing orcas. They should all be set free .
Shutdown sea world would you like beaing sepperated from your family I HATE sea world
Posted by Missy on Feb 19th, 2014.

Keeping these beautiful, intelligent mammals captive is HORRIBLE! Their living conditions at Seaworld are very abusive and they are forced to beg for food until they perform correctly. After seeing Blackfish my eyes have been opened! I hope that people will open their eyes and see that Orca's and dolphins do not belong in little pools but in the wild!!
This message was contributed by B. Petalas on Feb 16th, 2014.

As a young child I found a deep fascination for orcas and all whales living in the wild. It baffled me when I would read or view information on the cruelty placed upon these creatures. I was completely memorized by the life of a whale and could not begin to wrap my head around the inprisonment against their will and the psychological harm that was placed upon them. As an adult my adoration for these humbling creatures has only grown. As I gain more knowledge and understanding of what is really happening "behind closed doors" at these parks, the falsification and lack of moral obligations enrages me. Even now, I can NOT understand how a human being can disillusion themselves into believing that what they are doing is beneficial/legal/educational. Profit, profit, profit is what drives these people, and chances are their ability to act on the truth is masked by their quarterly bonus and superficial praise given by their employer that may ultimately view them as disposable if they do not see the world through their small window of financial opportunity, or sign their name to justify or withhold damning information. As an educator of young children, I stress the importance of equality and equitity in many different forms. I can say that several of my lessons revolve around animals because children love and are fascinated by their complex ways of life. A child can see the spark of life in any given creature when providied the opportunity. These parks do not provide realistic, educational opportunities for these children, other than the physical manifestation of depression in living beings. There is no gain in seeing a whale or seal swimming in what looks like their community pool. They learn by observing them in their natural environment (how they communicate, how and where they find food, how and where they sleep/play/develop, etc.). When we discuss the meaning of captivity and children describe their experiences naturally or man-made, I ask them how they would feel if they lived in their bed room their entire lives where there were no toys, no comfy bed, no friends, you were only fed when u did math problems correctly and it tasted like mush, and all your walls were windows where strangers could stare and say whatever they wanted to u even if it hurt your feelings. EVERY child asks about their parents and EVERY child says NOWAY. I am only one person, but I hope through positive education we can end this injustice and the future for animals in captivity is no longer in existence. I read on this site that there are currently 45 orcas in captivity and my hope is that by the time the children born between the years of 2010-2014 these parks will be shut down permenantly and their children will view this as barbaric and relate it back to the 1st and 2nd century B.C. Educating others on the inhumanity of animal captivity is in my opinion, the strongest resource in preserving the precious life of orcas and all creatures.
Posted by Dawn on Feb 16th, 2014.

Posted by Hope Jackson on Jan 26th, 2014.

This one comes from Kenny J on Jan 26th, 2014.

I honestly used to love Sea World but know that I see there true colors I think they are terrible and inhumane people I used to think the animals loved it there know I know how much they suffer for entertainment and greed purposes I cant believe how much people are blinded in Sea World and how much they lie to audiences it is discusting and horrifying to know the type of people exist in our world the animals cannot speak for themselves they are relying on us to set them free its the peoples choice and we need to do what is right
This one comes from Blake McCartney on Jan 26th, 2014.

I am a senior in high school, and for my English class I am doing a project about the SeaWorld controversy. I have seen the whale shows, and I have also seen "Blackfish". If anyone knows some information on either side of the problem please feel free to send me an email at Thank y'all so much, and lets work together to get the Orcas out of SeaWorld!!
This one comes from Aubrey Schmid on Jan 13th, 2014.

Watch the documentary Blackfish it really opens your eyes. KEEP WHALES WILD!!!!
Support provided by Collette Harrison on Jan 1st, 2014.

I was on Netflix looking for something to watch. I noticed Blackfish a couple of times before but never ended up watching it. Something was different this time, I was the mood for a good watch but had no idea how deeply impacted I would be. For those who might not have seen Blackfish, it speaks about killer whales in captivity specifically Sealand, Seaworld, and Loro Parque. One whale, in particular, named Tilikum, was captured from his family, mutilated by other whales in captivity, and like all other whales, kept in small, unfit spaces.
I couldn't describe to you the feeling I still have running through my body. It is a mixed emotion of disgust, sadness, guilt, shame, and fear for these whales. Such beautiful, intelligent creatures forced out of their natural habitat for our entertainment and for a business's gain of wealth. What have we come to? Greed and power subdue the people in the world, blinding us of what really matters, most importantly, our morality. In the documentary Blackfish, I learned so much that makes me weak and turns my stomach. Killer whales are not mindless savages but smart, social creatures that live in-sync with one another. The way they function as a unit and our passionate with emotion is amazing. This one part that really made me breakdown in tears was when this hunters surrounded a female group of killer whales with their young. They picked out the young and let the other whales go free. Instead of swimming away, the whales stayed, crying in agony to their young as they were lifted to the boats.
They feel.
They understand.
They feel hurt.
They feel loss.
I can't fathom what is going on in this world. What the heck goes on at Seaworld. Can these people be so inhumane? How do you live with yourself.
I live in New Jersey. I don't live by the water or have a Seaworld that not at least two states away but I will do whatever I can to help. I will protest. I will promote. I will do whatever it takes to help stop this. I want to believe that there is enough people out there like ones from this page. Enough people to fight for the rights of animals where they can not. We have the power. It is possible. I believe, and I will continue to do so.
Support provided by Cori Santana on Dec 31st, 2013.

let them be free!! Give them their life back!!!!! These whales aren't being taken care of properly. Trainers will continue to die. There needs to be a stop to this madness!
Support provided by Makayla Palma on Dec 28th, 2013.

How would you like to be taken away from your mother at a very young age when you need her the most to learn from her and then kept in a bathtub and fed goldfish all your life?? Innocent creatures of that gracefulness should not have to suffer just for our entertainment. All people do is pay for over priced tickets to see animals forced to do tricks just to get their next meal. Screw the corporates at SeaWorld, I believe the trainers themselves love the animals but not the fat-cats. They don't care about the animals themselves they care about the money those animals make them. It just isn't right. The world would not die if SeaWorld went down. Get on a boat and go see the freaking animals in their natural habitat and see them happy instead of hungry, sad and tired. I believe in their animal rescue foundation and I love it but Please God let there be a day that SeaWorld can no longer hold animals captive for human entertainment. Please. It completely breaks my heart.
This one comes from Kennedy G on Dec 26th, 2013.

I am actually sickened and truly disgusted by this..... Why do people think that animals are less then us???? They are intelligent, feeling creatures and we just don't seem to care. How would the decision makers at sea world feel if there children were taken away, put in a cage, violated, given food that was not in their standard diet, having there teeth drilled an flushed, not getting the proper exercise and then forced to perform for thousands of strangers every day that pay to see it all happen? Maybe if they took the time to actually do the jobs these people who are sent to hunt the whales and train the whales and get inured by the frustrated whales they created they would see the wrong that is being done to this beautiful creature. I don't eat anything with a face or parents because I see all animals this way cows, chickens, pigs every animal that has been capitalized upon for years. We all share this earth together!!!!! the animals respect that........why can't we?

it doesn't matter how many zoos or aquariums there are conservation isn't even whats taught.......they spew lies about life expectancies of captive animals verse wild animals and unknowing people believe it........ well why not they work there they should know right? I would like to go to sea world one day and just ask one of them about the dental hygiene of the whales and why are their dorsal fins collapsed when it happens less then 1% in the wild and more then 98% in captivity and why the tanks are so small? and anything else to embarrass them and expose them for the lying thieves they are.............I would if it was free and I wasn't contributing to their bottom line which is really the only thing that matters to them anyway
This message was contributed by Amanda on Nov 11th, 2013.

I am a Zumba(r) instructor and we do zumbathons(r) to raise money for organizations. I was thinking about doing one to raise money for the whales in captivity to help them and Tilikum and Lolita, I just did not know which organization was best for the money to go to. I really just want to make this issue aware to people, some people just do not think about things like this being inhumane when it really is. We have a huge zumba(r) community and I know it would raise a ton of awareness. Please let me know what organization I can contact.
Posted by Coral Henderson on Nov 10th, 2013.

I took my daughter to sea world several years first I thought how amazing to see the whales up close.then my mood turned upside down quickly.I was trying to hide my tears. During the entire show all I kept thinking about was our previous trip to provincetown mass whale watch and how breathtaking and just beautifully heart tugging to watch the humpbacks surface and swim free.the 3 tour boats had turned all engines off and were afloat in triangular was as if they knew we'd come to see them.they were breaching and swimming close to the boat.hi. one humpback flapped his tail as if he was saying hi. Seeing the whales free in their own homeboy their family was absolutely the best..way better than sea world.I felt terrible for them at sea world.I wish they would shut them down thought of creating brochures and educating people of what goes on at sea world..your local post office should have what they call a mailing list.soo sad. Please..don't buy a ticket to support captivity.go on a whale's more fun and enjoying.. FREE THE Whales.
This message was contributed by lisa on Nov 5th, 2013.

FREE THE WHALES!!!! Caring,Loving and Intelligent humans
should not feel the desire to watch obviously sad, helpless animals be forced
to perform for our amusement. I have never taken my children,
ages 21 and 11 to a circus because of this reason. These marine
shows are no different, nothing but a water circus!
This one comes from Mary Lovejoy on Nov 1st, 2013.

please can we all come together on this and push for action against seaworld and other parks around the world who not only hold orca's but dolphins and sea lions. these whales are underfed what they would normally consume in the wild. that is quite clearly wrong and automatically needs to be changed. is their not a law or could their not be action bought against these multimillion pounds/dollars industry. for theft of these animals.
after all who decided they could be captured then sold as a commodity? how can sea world automatically own a whale whether its at their park or not. all these questions need to be answered, by legal research and if necessary court action. i am a strong believer that if we all come together and keep pushing and pushing. its us people that have the power to make change. not the presidents, kings and queens. who have earned it. but the people. even the people that captured these animals admit that they did wrong.
Support provided by Jade Jones on Oct 31st, 2013.

I was completely mesmerized, shocked and in tears more than once while watching the documentary "Blackfish". Although I have gone to SeaWorld and enjoyed the show, my eyes have been opened, and I wish there was something I could do. The trainers featured in the film moved me so much by their honesty, sincerity and love of these whales. I thought trainers were so much more than what was shown. I wish SeaWorld would let all of the whales go free. SeaWorld should be boycotted.
Support provided by Lorelei Holloway on Oct 28th, 2013.

I support letting these amazing, beautiful, intelligent and sensitive mammals free> Being a wild-bird rehabilitator a naturalist and animal advocate.. i release how important it is to set animals free, to fly again back in the wild or the orca's swim free and be whales again not circus acts... The documentary film Blackfish aired on CNN last night it was eye opening and compelling... I hope this brings more awareness and stop these inhumane practices and stop these theme park aquariums for harboring these whales... They should do every means to get them back out in the ocean and free again... They made enough money on them and the trainers and whales that lost their lives because of it... Born free to live free in the ocean again!
Support provided by Linda S. Presto on Oct 25th, 2013.

A letter written to Sea World:

To Whom It May Concern:

I'm writing this letter as I feel as though actions are being ignored. Tilikum is a killer whale and has been held CAPTIVE for sometime now against his will. He has shown Sea World on a number of occasions that he doesn't want to be there by terminating the lives of several people. The thought of destroying this whale because of it shouldn't be an option, and the fact that he is still performing at Sea World baffles me. I am a huge Marine Mammal lover and follow them pretty closely.

With the internet so available now these mammals can be studied more closely with less harm to the mammal. I for one would rather see them in there own environment then at a show like Sea World. I would rather support places that rehabilitate mammals and get them strong to place them back in there environment or if that isn't an option to educate the public of what's being done to do so or keep them if that isn't an option. Those are the kinds of places I would rather spend my money. Sea World is of old school today and it's evident by Tilikum's actions, and them being ignored by Sea World and continuing to keep him from his wishes.

It equates to us being in jail for something we didn't commit there is no difference. These are intelligent mammals which is why Sea World trains them to do "tricks".

I understand the financial end of this and that it can be damaging, but the reputation for Sea World would be far greater if you took your programs into another direction like educating the public instead of putting on a show. Don't you agree that with the internet now available to children you are a little behind in the times.

I think Sea Worlds financial stand on this would be far greater then what it's doing now. Personally I won't step into a Sea World because of the torture that I see.

Please I hope you will read my letter and take it to the highest level within Sea World and think about revamping your programs.
Support provided by Lori Rudolph on Sep 22nd, 2013.

yes we should keep the whales free from all hasles , they have never killed any humans, they like to free and uphold the environment what we humans have failed to do . m.r.hubert chennai india.
This message was contributed by m.r.hubert on Aug 30th, 2013.

I went to Florida when I was eight and watched the shamu show and thought it was amazing and fell in love instantly with orcas later the next day I found out someone got in the take and the orca killed him ! From then I thought ... I've done research and I think it's appalling how are speicies treat these magnificent animals
Support provided by millissa on Aug 11th, 2013.

Orcas do not belong in captvity, they are beautful whales who belong in the wild with their familes, not in a small tank which some orcas can't fit in and the dorsal fins bend or in worse cases orcas die before they are even meant to die. Orcas need to breed and feed and hunt in their own habit and i think it is wrong that people take orcas out of thier home and put them into a small tank where they are lonley and afraid and they are bored and cant move anywhere just so that people can make profit and train them to do tricks and stuff. I think it is sad that 2 trainers have died but it is not the orcas fault they hunt everyday in the wild and get there own food where as in captvity you feed them frozen fish and they get tormented and left alone. how would they like it if they got taken out of thier home and taken from thier family and put into a small box they wouldnt like it, i feel very strongly about this topic and would love to free the orcas and get them out of capitivity and back into the wild where they belong.
This one comes from Bethan Manley on Jul 23rd, 2013.

Having visited Sea World several times through my childhood and early teens and admiring the animals that we are able to closely interactive with, you become entirely wrapped up in the glitzy facade of such a money fuelled business that highlights little of the diabolical circumstances in which the whales are first procured then exploited in such claustrophobic artificial environments. Having watched documentaries from the past four decades surrounding the massive issue, I am completely shocked that such outright cruelty is allowed to occur in the modern world. From dolphins being transported on aeroplanes without any protection to the slaughter of orcas in Japan; from the force feeding of dead fish in filthy 'aquariums' to the shocking methods of procurement by Sea World of their killer whales we must act now!

Such indoctrination of the masses who attend such parks needs to end.

Support provided by Hannah on Jul 16th, 2013.

There are probably Aliens flying around us who don't want to make contact with us because we have not evolved enough yet to be a compassionate non-greedy humane species! Why Why Why are we letting these atrocities happen over and over? How many more trainers like Dawn Alex and so many others have to be killed or seriously injured before we say ENOUGH!!! And the intelligent mammals families ripped apart....ENOUGH ALREADY!! When I came to realize that seaworld did this I vowed never to enter their parks again and I never will. Even my 13 yr old son is disgusted with them and will never go.
Support provided by Samaritan on Jul 14th, 2013.

the quickest way for it to stop is DO NOT BUY A TICKET!!
More and more people are becoming aware of this every day and yes some chose to look away but lucky for the whales they DO have a voive.. US!! Ric o barry - legend!!
This message was contributed by tam on Jun 19th, 2013.

I cant read your site because of the white text on blue. Its a struggle and i dont have the motivation to overcome. You should rethink the need for readibility in your design
Posted by anna on Jun 11th, 2013.

Save The Free Whales!
Posted by Yaroslav on Jun 7th, 2013.

Don't support any institution that commits crimes against nature!
Whales belong free!
Support provided by Sea girl on Jun 6th, 2013.

Let whales be free !!
Posted by John Winkle on Jun 5th, 2013.

So I recently saw the trailer for "Blackfish"which is a documentary of Orca whales and previous attacks on trainers.I was horrified on just what was in the trailer. It brought me here and I want to do everything in my power to have Orca whales released back into the wild. I was fortunate enough to go to Alaska for vaction (been all over the place, Alaska is Amazing!) and saw them in the wild. If people want to see whales, go into the wild. Dont shove them in a fish tank and expect them to be tame when they could have the ocean as their home.
This one comes from Mark Brady on Jun 5th, 2013.

Support!!!free all Orcas!!!
This one comes from Yaroslav on Dec 13th, 2012.

I have a special reason for admiring these wonderful animals.

Eight of us on a sailing boat under power had been to Sark on a foggy and windless but lovely sunny day. We were now heading back to Guernsey (this is UK Channel Islands). We couldn't see land, and this was pre satnav, so were navigating by what is known as 'dead reckoning, in other words you know where you start from, how fast you're are moving and what tidal currents will be doing to you at that time of day. On the basis of this, you then work out a compass heading and follow it. In our case we were planning on going to the South of Herm by initially heading South West, and at a predetermined time would (knowing the distance we had travelled) then turn North West to Guernsey.

That was the plan.

So we're tootling along on this lovely sunny and warm day.

And three Orcas surface from behind and to the right of us, cool, too slow to get cameras. They dive under our bow and carry on at 45 degrees forward and left of our course.

A few minutes and - unbelievably - another three do exactly the same. Wow.

Now, when a few minutes on another three do the same thing, I as skipper, and good friend who is also a good navigator look at each other. Give helm to someone else, and we dive downstairs to the chart table. Check depth, way too shallow, tell helm to steer due South. Fire up the radio direction finder and start to plot our position from bearings obtained.

Jeez, we had been about to plough into rocks to the East of Herm!

So how on Earth did we get it so wrong? That's when I twigged that the stereo we'd brought up on deck at lunch was under the steering compass. Moving it had the compass now not pointing South but Southwest, 45 degrees you'll note has been mentioned by me earlier.

We truly believe, and I will to the day I die, that the Orcas were warning us.

Real shame that they didn't come back for a 'told you so' they have had as much suitable food that we had on board.

Fellow navigators, I take my hat off to them whenever I tell this..
This message was contributed by John Cook on Oct 30th, 2012.

mi name katyjo im 7 i love whales thay shoud all be in the wild i wil nefer stop trying to have places like seaworld shut down
Support provided by katyjo newell on Aug 9th, 2012.

While my thought are with Dawn Brancheau's family and those trainers or fans have been attacked I also recognise that places like SeaWorld are a big part of the problem, to breed and rehabilitate any wild animal is one thing but to use and abuse these animals for the sake of entertainment and corporate greed is another and that is what is happening to orcas like Tilikum, Lolita and many others. There is absolutely NO reason why these animals should EVER be living in tanks or pools in a marine park, there is NO reason why any human finds it necessary to pay money to sit in a stadium and watch these animals suffer for the sake of entertainment. Orcas and other marine animals belong in the ocean where they can live the life they were born to live NOT live a small tank or pool at a marine park with almost every aspect of their life including mating and reproduction being controlled by human trainers some of who are young, inexperienced and/or uneducated. My question to those who work at places like SeaWorld including the trainers and fans is how would YOU like it if I was to capture youfrom your home, rip you away from your family, place you in a confined space , "train" you up to entertain and control almost every aspect of your life? I bet most of these people don't even think or care about that and if people did a bit more thinking and placed themselves in the position of Tilikum or Lolita they might actually realise what they are participating in is unnecessary and wrong!!
This message was contributed by Selena L'Estrange on Jul 28th, 2012.

It is sicken me to see these animals in display for people's pleasure; they don't belong in a fishbowl they should be out in the sea!!!!! I was researching the killings that have happen over the years and it surprise me that these people still have these animals performing after such a horrifying advents and still keeping these beautiful animals from the habited. All for money

There should be some law against this,
Posted by ally on Jul 8th, 2012.

Hi my name is Marian and I saw the whales in the wild two years ago and took a few pictures of them I love the whales very much I did a painting of a whale jumping out of the water I think the whales are very neat and very majestic I got the picture of the whale from a calender I don't like whales in captivity period they should be free
This one comes from Marian Vanderhouwen on Jun 30th, 2012.

i think killer whales should be back in the wild instead of captivity, they should be brought into captivity because ****ing idiots want money, thats stupied really stupied because their taken killer whales from their own home to sell them to make a parks happy no thats ****ing wrong... killer whales should be in the wild not for stupied ass people to take them from their own home to sell them...if i was whale id kill someone for taken me from my home seriously...people can get a job not take animals and sell them, they got no ****ing life if they take killer whales or dolphins from the wild to make them do tricks, they do ****ing tricks on their own in the wild and most of the killer whales die in captivity and trainers die while training them, well thats what they get for taken wild orca killer whales and sell them in a small tank in captivity

This one comes from alex on Jun 20th, 2012.

he is being kept to breed and make seaworld a coulpe more millions of dollars before this depression and stress of being in such a tiny enclosure kills him. Its not that he is too big they won't get into the water with him You can safely be in water with wild orcas much larger and they don't care much, the only reason they don't get into th water with Tilly is because the years of captivity have taken it's toll and he is now mentally unstable. Can you really blame him?
This one comes from Sandy on Jun 9th, 2012.

Hi my name is Marian Vanderhouwen and I'm interested in the orca whales to I did a painting of one jumping out of the water I saw them both in the wild and in captivity I don't like whales in captivity period
I've even adopted a whale her name is Misty I was talking to an activist a long time ago I do think that the whales should be kept in the ocean free and not in captivity
This message was contributed by marian vanderhouwen on Jun 5th, 2012.

People admire SeaWorld for the rescue/aid work that they do.

I think the cetaceans that are trapped in the entertainment business deserve a rescue.

Look at the parks from the perspective of Google maps and notice how small the enclosures really are. Zoom in. You'll see a spot of blue water surrounded by an ocean of land.

The Orcas are living in a 'teacup' compared to the natural ocean environment. And they're not living there temporarily for a day or a week----but for a lifetime.

Please don't buy a ticket to a park that holds whales or dolphins in captivity.

Spread the word.
This one comes from Rob on May 9th, 2012.

It's not only the whles,orca's,dolphins..but other animals too.
I had enough of these kind of business that exploitation is used in the name of education.
When orca Morgan was rescued by dolfinarium Harderwijk..I heard so many lies they tell our children and say they wanted the best for her.
In the meantime ..they allowed after 5 weeks people who would pay to see her,the list goes on and on.
But at the end they did not only broke their promise to release her..but did everything to block her way to Freedom.
This is not education/research it is selling life,animal trade.
To our government have to say this You are responsible You let this happen!
I'm so ashamed of being Dutch and do not want to be a part of your system anymore
Enough = Enough You broke the law !!
Posted by Ester Jansen on Apr 28th, 2012.

I think that it's rather cruel, for these animals to be kept captive in aquariums, and be exploited like they are lesser than us. Animal rights, is something that a lot of people don't recognize, that they SHOULD. Today, I am presenting my speech to my class about animal cruelty, one animal in particular, is the blue whale. I watched your video on your adventure with whale-watching in Sooke, B.C., and I was smiling ear to ear the whole time! But it makes me really sad, to think that these beautiful creatures may not be here much longer, if we don't make a change.
This one comes from Lauren B. on Mar 28th, 2012.

As for me probably being the biggest whale lover in the world, and for having the nickname " whale freak" when I discovered exactly what happens at marine parks you can tell I was heartbroken. I cry whenever I see a captive whale struggling or I even get sooooooo angry when I see kids being taught that this is okay when they visit marine parks. As for right now I am trying to come up with a way to atop this or to even raise money to try to set some of these whales free ( mind you I'm 11 years old). Again, I am heartbroken. Please try to help a whales everywhere by adopting or donateing.
Posted by Jesica ( whalefreak) on Mar 24th, 2012.

Stop torturing animals! They haven't done anything wrong to us! leave them alone, they're beautiful, amazing creatures who just want to live in peace with us!
This message was contributed by Cansu Koroglu on Mar 13th, 2012.

Save the whales! , why should they be kept in tanks and be stressed , unhappy and sick for peoples own sick amusement and money making schemes wouldnt people rather see whales happy in there own envronment where there not causing any harm to them or stress , i wish there was something i could do about it if anyone knows anyway i can help please let me know.
This message was contributed by Kayleigh on Feb 23rd, 2012.

This one comes from Jesica (NO ONE LOVES WHALES MORE THAN ME!) on Feb 10th, 2012.

This message was contributed by Jesica (no one loves whales more than me!)_ on Feb 8th, 2012.

leave wild animals where they belong in the wild take sea world -to court now also the ones who give permission to bring them in
This message was contributed by john mazy on Feb 5th, 2012.

Free the whales!!!!! Its not only the orcas that are held in captivity its also Beluga whales too!!!! But this has to end, they deserve to be free in the wild. Even if they are rescued once they are healthy enough to take care of themselves they should return to their family's in the wild, not perform tricks for our own amusement!!!! If you feel the same don't buy tickets to parks that have captive whales!!!!!
Posted by Jesica on Jan 3rd, 2012.

To all the people out there that think whales should be kept in captivity I think you don't know how to reason . An animal that large or any animal should not be kept in a tank its cruel to the animal and very heart-breaking to us that love the whales. Why not go see them in the ocean enjoying themselves then instead of being in a tank. Let us educate the people about keeping the oceans clean so the animals in the ocean can live their lives. Let us stop bringing them to us for our own enjoyment because it is very selfish . I hope the whales in captivity now are the last because this is wrong some of the whales only live two days then die. Many people believe that keikos rehabilitation was a fail but I do not I think it was . It's a start now that they know the mistake they made why not try for the others.
Posted by Whale Lover ! on Sep 25th, 2011.

I think that it's the worst thing any human can possibly do to another living and breathing mammal. I would do anything to free these poor innocent animals. They deserve to be with their families just like we do. This is ruining them, keeping them in an aquarium. You cannot compare that to an ocean where they are free to swim for miles and miles. They are so smart and they know what they want and it's to get out of that little pool. I will help by putting my word out there every chance I get. Lets make a change and free the beautiful killer whales!!!
Support provided by Alexa on Sep 23rd, 2011.

I did not understand the importance of freedom to a whale until I read this website and watched the national geography. I hope humans can free the whales and do not catch them and take advantage of them to making money. I will never go to the seaworld to watch the performance again and I will try my best to tell everyone around me to not to do so. Hope the Sea World and the Japanese people can stop hurting the whales.
Support provided by Charlotte on Aug 29th, 2011.

SeaWorld should have humans riding Great Whites. If a trainer is killed... no big deal right?. Just give the safety procedures a once over, tell the public it was an isolated incident and keep making that cold hard cash!
Posted by M on Jul 30th, 2011.

Hello Sydney...not sure if you really read any of the information shared on the comments. What many of us want is to stop reproduction in captivity. The whales that are already in captivity should be the last. We all know that letting them go isn't logical, especially those with their teeth drilled. This is a very important website so I don't understand why you hate it.
Support provided by Shannon Ludlow on Mar 18th, 2011.


I've got a question: What happened actually to the whales which are held in captivity in Japan. There are a lot of aquariums in Japan.

Best regards from Germany
This message was contributed by Petra on Mar 18th, 2011.

i hate this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean none of those whales will know how to surive anymore! stop bugging seaworld and other aquriums! whats your plan is to dump the whale into the ocean and want it to know what its doing! look at kekio it had to come to people after being realsed! freeing him was not the smartest ideia if you ask me!
Support provided by sydney on Mar 6th, 2011.

I've recently learned about the routine dental work done to a majority of captive orcas. Because of this drilling, the whales would most likely not fare well in the ocean. Lolita lives in the San Diego Sea World and she was born in the wild, has all her teeth, and her pod is still alive. She is a perfect candidate to be released. If there is anything that I would want most, it would be to stop ALL breeding done in captivity. Let these gorgeous orcas retire as the LAST captive whales in the world and stop this madness! I want future breeding to be illegal; no whale should suffer a life in a small H20 bowl.
This message was contributed by Shannon Ludlow on Feb 21st, 2011.

I am the voice of the captive whale, no song will I sing. You have enslaved me in your marine parks, in the name of entertainment. Hear my silent scream.. Please join me on twitter or facebook @ thesadwhale to show your support against marine mammals in captivity
Support provided by Nancy on Jan 30th, 2011.

Some people here have said that keeping these beings in tiny tanks (no tank could be large enough for creatures like these) makes people want to save the whales. I don't believe this. Does watching a tiger leap through a flaming hoop or a bear riding a bicycle or an elephant doing a handstand in a circus make you want to save their natural habitat? Or does it just teach people that wild animals can be made into pets and playthings? Why is it any different when gigantic whales are forced to live (only a portion of their natural lifespan) in a tank and perform tricks? They want to be free and happy as much as you do, so let them stay free. If you want your children and grandchildren to enjoy the sight of a whale, then why not let them see the whales where they the wild? Wanting these creatures to live short, substandard lives just so that you can look at them is selfish.
This message was contributed by Adrielle on Jan 19th, 2011.

I fully support this initiative, but I also think that whales can be harvested like any other animal - for food or other products. Wild animals does not belong in zoos or aquariums or any other man-made installation. If you really want to see them, go where they are - they should not come to you.
This message was contributed by BlingYou on Jan 8th, 2011.

If you want to see whales, go on a whale watching expedition; don't support cruelty. You don't have to hurt an animal to be cruel to it.
This message was contributed by Emma B. on Jan 7th, 2011.

No one KNOWS how whales who've been born in captivity would fare if they were released because NONE of the aquariums do any actual research on rehabilitation!

By "anonymous"s reasoning, if we found a child kept in a cage, we should just leave it there because it wouldn't know how to live outside of that. Whales, just like humans, have the ability to learn and reason. Keeping them incarcerated keeps them making SeaWorld money, it doesn't help the whales.
Posted by Sam on Dec 22nd, 2010.

"Send Tilikum Home for the Holidays!" Check out our 'Free Tilikum Christmas Campaign'!
Thank you for all you do! Whales are for the oceans!
Posted by Katie on Dec 7th, 2010.

its too late! once killer whales are born and raised in captivity which 90 percent are, they dont know how survive on their own. sorry! (well not really, i want to be a trainer myself)
This one comes from anonymous on Nov 27th, 2010.

ok i know it was very sad to lose Dawn, and even though we have had many sad accidents with these beautiful creatures we sill are not getting the picture!!! ................what did people exspect when you put a very big, intelligent, ocean-ranged predator in a very small tank to entertain for people!!! Sometimes i wonder if those people actually thought about what they were doing. Did they know that there were going to be some fatalities?
keep whales wild!!!!!
Posted by Lisa on Nov 24th, 2010.

Keeping Orcas & Dolphins in captivity has got to end ! Would it be right to make an Elephant or Lion live in a cage and perform tricks for human enjoyment? No! So why are Orcas still being abused in such a way.
We do not have such places in the UK. Its about time the US followed suit!
Animals do not equal human entertainment !
This one comes from Sam on Nov 21st, 2010.

If you're looking for a way to help out one particular orca to help out, check out the site at
They have some pretty specific people that you can email about your concerns for one of the whales currently held in isolation.
This message was contributed by Sarah on Nov 16th, 2010.

An important message! Whales were not meant to live in captivity and should have the freedom of the ocean, where they belong.
Posted by Terri on Nov 11th, 2010.

For anyone around Washington state looking to see whales in their native habitat you can check out . You don't even need to leave land to see them!
Support provided by Brad on Nov 10th, 2010.

This is such a travesty :( If it was some other species doing this to humans we'd be outraged!
This message was contributed by robert on Nov 9th, 2010.

Judge Orders Evidentiary Hearing In SeaWorld Lawsuit:

"The lawsuit claims that Simons was assigned to be the liaison between SeaWorld and OSHA for the investigation and was told by SeaWorld to manipulate and withhold documents and make witnesses unavailable.

Simons claims she was later fired for telling investigators too much. SeaWorld said her release was due to poor performance."

Should be interesting to see how this plays out.
This one comes from Wade on Nov 8th, 2010.

I agree... we need to leave the whales alone in their natural surroundings and just let them be. They are not meant to be kept captive. Great website!
Support provided by Riah on Nov 8th, 2010.