Captive Killer Whale Attacks: Videos

If there was any doubt about how whales felt about being caged up in aquariums, then the incidents over the years involving orcas attacking their trainers should be a warning to those that think that a performing whale is expressing its happiness at being held captive when it jumps and splashes as directed. People often seem to think that any wild animal gifted with affection from its human captors should behave like an overgrown puppy, but wild animals often see things differently.

Dawn Brancheau Killed by Tilikum (2010)

Trainer Dawn Brancheau was dragged into the pool by Tilikum and drowned at the end of a show at Shamu Stadium. Part of the rules for Tilikum at SeaWorld was that he was not to have trainers in the water with him due to problems with his interactions with humans previously which resulted in two deaths.

Kasatka Holds Trainer Ken Peters Underwater by his Foot (2006) - NEWLY RELEASED

This footage was taken at Sea World San Diego in 2006. You can see Kasatka holding her trainer underwater by his feet for quite some time. It is very disturbing, watch at your own discretion.

Orkid Pins Trainer Brian Rokeach Underwater (2006)

Trainer Brian Rokeach was bitten on the leg by Orkid who then pulled and held him underwater. You can see in the video how the other trainers slap the water to get the orcas to come to the surface.

Kyuquot Trying to Drown Trainer Steve Aibel (2004)

Trainer Steve Aibel was working in the water with Kyuquot when the orca started slamming into him and pushing him underwater and away from the side of the pool. Steve was luckily uninjured.

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Orky 2 Crushes Trainer John Sillick (1987)

This incident is disputed whether or not it was an accident or an attack. However, other trainers have been crushed between whales in this manner, so we've included this footage as an example of how this has happened to other trainers.

Attack on Annette Eckis by Shamu (1971)

Annette Eckis, a SeaWorld San Diego secretary, required 100 stitches as a result of an orca ride gone very wrong. The young lady was awarded a ride on Shamu for a publicity stunt but Shamu was not eager to play along.