Take Action Against Animal Cruelty to Whales

There are many issues that are currently affecting whales and dolphins around the world. Not only are killer whales being held captive in aquariums for the profit of companies like SeaWorld, there are also many instances of cetaceans being cruelly captureed or slaughtered in the wild.

For those who are looking for a way to voice their opinion about the many forms of animal cruelty currently in practice around the world that is affecting many different species of whales and their relatives, we offer a collection of petitions and letter-writing links that you can use to speak up about animal cruelty to whales and dolphins.

Actions Against Animal Cruelty


The Orca Network: How to write letters to the Editor or public officials

Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society: Letter to President Obama regarding the IWC's compromise to allow whaling

Save Lolita: Take Action

Free Morgan : How you can help

Write a Letter to the Japanese Government about the Taiji slaughter


Help Morgan Live Free!

Stop Iceland’s Cruel Whale Slaughter

Protect the North Atlantic Right Whales

Free Orcas and Dolphins from Slavery in Tenerife

Action Pages

American Cetacean Society: Action Alerts

The Cove: How you can take part against the Taiji slaughter

Only by standing up for what is right, can we change the way that these majestic creatures are treated by humans. Make your voice heard and let those that have the power to stop cruelty to these marine animals stop the horrible tradition of suffering.

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